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1 Alysii's Profile on Sun Jan 04, 2009 3:21 pm

Name- Alysii Targathyr

Discription- Alysii is the granddaughter of the Cheif Fujibayashi, and will succeed him one day as Chief. Sheena is a "get out of the way or I'll hurt you" on the outside, but quite sensitive on the inside. Sheena wears an old japanese style clothing that is very revealing at the front. She has bluish black hair tied up in a ponytail at the back.

Weapons- Guardians, which are special cards with charms drawn onto them
-Equiped- Blessed Guardians
Items- 50 Lemon Gels, 50 Pineapple Gels
Level- 55

HP- 1790HP

TP- 1500TP

Regular Attack- 50HP

Weapon Attack- 150HP

Artes- Pyre Seal 80HP 30TP,Force Seal 90HP 60TP, Life Seal steals 50HP 25TP, Spirit Seal steals 25TP (COST 10TP)(basicly 15PP), Super Seal 30TP 150HP with 15HP recoil, Purgatory Seal revives ally 50TP (no HP),
Tetha/Silva Seal protects agains magic 55TP (put in element/ has to be able to summon), Guardian Seal Protects 50TP(Takes 30HP off attacks), Demon Seal 75TP 50TP, Cyclone Seal 175TP Takes off Half Health left, Power Seal Absolute 45TP add +75HP to all attacks, Mirage Seal Absolute 45TP Next attack misses, Serpent Seal Absolute 45TP poinsins target

Summoning- 275HP
Summon (200TP)Able to summon Maxwell, Origin, Corrine Sylph, Gnome, Luna + Aska, Undine, Efreet, Volt, Shadow, Celcius

Hidden Moves 75TP Each/150HP each- Masoukoufu (Light), Genma Getsueika(Darkness), Zanma Getsueika (Fire), Genma Hienkyaku (ice), Zanma Hienkyaku (birth)(125TP/ 175HP)

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