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1 Awesomology's Profile on Tue Jan 06, 2009 8:06 pm

Name- Seth Hunter
Lv. 5
TP- 150TP
Regular Attack- 5HP
Seth has long, bleach white hair. He has dark green eyes and tan skin, that makes the tattoo on his right cheek all the more noticeable. It is a "C" shape mark that looks much like a gust of wind, surrounded by all sides by outwardly curving lines that look like the C itself is making the distortions. It glows faintly in heavy winds and before a storm. He tends to smile most of the time, and attempts to look at the brighter sides of things. Standing at 5 foot, 11 inches, Seth is lightly built, weighing only 160 pounds.

Seth wears a Wind Garb armor and carries his Brionac spear where ever he goes. The armor itself can be broken down into two parts. The first is the steel armor; a pair of light weight gauntlets, grieves and chest plate that are made from light weight, cheap metals and worn over black leather. The tunic however is what makes this armor very special. The cotton and wool have been combined with a green ore that gives it the green color that cannot fade even after many years of washing. The tunic covers the torso, and the sleeves end at the elbows, and have silver buttons. Even with his armor on, he is extremely quick and agile in comparison to most others.

Seth is a cheery young man, with a great outlook on life in general. He likes to believe that there is always good in people, and that in spite of everything that there is no such thing as truly evil. When given the chance, he prefers to goof around and merely spend his days laughing and doing whatever he sees fit. Of course, sometimes that isn't possible considering his job. But in spite of everything, he loves the life that he's got and would do anything to protect his friends, family and loved ones. Unfortunately though, he tends to also be a bit undependable sometimes and is often floating in his own little world.

Main Weapon: Brionac: Standing at 5 and half feet in length, this weapon is made of wood and a some left over gemstone and the wood has been died a light green. The spear point has five points; the first four make an "X" shape right underneath the main blade point, and gleam with a tiny crystal that lights up the surroundings when Seth's tattoo, Zephyrus is being used. It weighs a good deal less than you would think considering it's large size, but is still a bit top heavy.
Armor: Wind Garb - What sets this armor apart from most, is the large green tunic that is worn over top the steel gauntlets, grieves and chest plate. Made from special fibers it is highly resistant to tears, is very difficult to damage and always seems to keep it's green color.
Accessory: Four Winds Pendent - A small purple stone that can fit into the palm of ones hand. Bound to a steel wire, this memento is warn around the neck and is said to summon the cooling summer breeze.

Name: Zephyrus
Appearance: A small tattoo on Seth's right cheek. A "C" shape mark that looks much like a gust of wind, surrounded by all sides by outwardly curving lines that look like the C itself is making the distortions and blowing towards the south. It glows faintly when there is a nice breeze or before a midsummer storm.
Bio: Zephyrus is Seth’s birthmark and is the proof of his care free and positive attitude even when the whole world is being blown around by the swaying winds.
Effects: Zephyrus is a wind spell that creates shock waves that are amplified into various forms by making use of the natural distortions made by the wind. By utilizing the natural phenomenon known as the wind, the distortions made from the atmosphere being sucked in or pushed away during a physical attack or by the spiritual pressure emitted by strong foes before an attack the user can create a highly pressurized gust of wind that can be shaped into a number of forms. At the moment, Seth is merely capable of striking a foe with either a elongated sphere of pressurized wind or creating a torrent of wind to knock off an attack trajectory.

Artes- Demon Fang 10HP 5TP, Sonic Thrust 15HP 5TP, First Aid gives 10HP 20TP, Fire Ball 20TP 20HP

Summoning- N/A

Hidden Moves- Aero Pulse(Wind) 150TP: Aero Pulse is a basic manipulation of the Zephyrus tattoo and is one of the natural abilities granted by it.
Element: Wind Elemental, "Explosive" type
Effect: By first gathering the atmosphere around Seth, he creates an area of extremely high pressure into a small oblong sphere shape. By then causing the bottled up atmosphere to spin rapidly in many different directions at once, it causes the sphere to become extremely volatile and then launches it at a target. The wind ball is very similar to a bomb, that's fuse has already been lit and cannot be put out. Once the sphere has reached critical mass, it will explode causing shockwaves and distortions to cause heavy damage to anything within the blast radius.

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HOLY COW! you wrote A LOT! well let me fix it up a little...


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Thank you.

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