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1 Collete's Profile on Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:28 pm

Name- Collete Brunel

Description- Although
clumsy, she is very kind and would help just anybody, even thieves and assassins ready to kill her. She is a loving character and seems to have a thing for Lloyd. Rumor has it that her father is actually an angel and not Frank Brunel of Iselia.

Weapons- Charkem, Sharp Discs that act like a Boomarang
-Equiped Dual Ring

Level- 9


TP- 200

Regular Attack- 20HP

Artes- Ray Thrust 25HP 5TP, Pow Hammer 25HP 10TP,

Summoning- N/A

Hidden Moves- Kou'on 150HP 75TP (Light + Darkness)

Angelic Moves- Angel Feathers 40HP 15TP

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2 Re: Collete's Profile on Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:25 pm

Good Job. I had to Fix it up a little, but other wise APPROVED

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